Weight Loss Pills

Unfortunately, we still do not have a good weight loss pill that produces long term sustained results. Trust me, if we did, physicians would be all over it.

Weight loss supplements have proven to be nothing more than dangerous wastes of money. We’ve seen the heart problems and heart damage that Fen-Phen caused. We’ve seen the liver failure and death that Hydroxycut has caused. We’ve seen people die from energy drinks and other stimulants. There is no “pill” that is going to help you lose weight.

Alli is a medication that helps block your absorption of extra calories. You can buy it from any pharmacy without a prescription. It works to a certain degree, but you still need to learn how to eat right.

There are a few prescription medication that can help suppress your appetite, and you will have to ask your doctor about them. One is called “Adipex” or phentermine. Taken for short periods of time, it is safe and doesn’t cause the problems that Fen-Phen caused. Make sure you are being monitored closely by a qualified physician that specializes in medical weight loss.

A lot of new drugs and substances are being tried to curb people’s appetites and we will see if any of them pan out. For now, you will have to learn to eat better and curb your own appetite.

Following the C3 Diet is a great way to reduce your appetite and cravings. You should not feel hungry while on this diet.

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