Looking Young Forever

Three rules for staying and looking young forever:
1. Don’t smoke
2. Stay out of the sun
3. Don’t gain weight
Smoking by far is the worst human habit ever created. Besides being very bad for your health and destroying your arteries (and by proxy every organ system), they also cause you to age at a rate that is much faster than a non-smoker.
Wrinkles on your face, dry and crackly skin, overall fatigued look, bags under your eyes, yellowing of hair, fingers and teeth are just a few of the disturbing physical side effects. We’ve all seen the 50 year old woman that looks like she is 80 years old. We’ve all seen the 40 year old actress with wrinkles around her mouth and lips. This is what smoking does do your appearance.
Avoiding the sun also helps you look young. Quick, think of a young pre-teen child or a toddler. They are usually fair skinned and just look vibrant and healthy. Now, think of an old, tired, haggardly old man or woman. Darker facial skin, wrinkles every where, and just an overall awful appearance. Besides skin cancer, the sun wears down your skin and causes you to age very quickly. People who tan and worship the sun always look about 10 years older than they should. While you might think it’s cute and sexy to be tan, remember how many years of wear and tear you are adding.
We’ve all seen the 20 year old than is so tan and wrinkly that you initially think she is 40, right? You don’t want to add more age to your look than you need. If you want the tan look, get the spray tan. You don’t need to be tan to look good. We all know what beauty is, and you don’t need to change your skin color to look better.
What’s ironic is that nearly everywhere else in the world, women use creams and procedures to try and look whiter and fairer, while here we sit out in the sun and try and get darker. Bad idea.
Weight gain also influences how young or old you look. Imagine a 30 year old man that weighs 145 pounds, wearing slim jeans, a nice tight polo, and looks well kept. You’d probably think he was 26 or 28 years old. Now, imagine a 30 year old man, who weighs 260 pounds, has a huge gut, can barely keep his sweatpants on, and is wearing an oversized t-shirt. You’d think he is 40 years old or more.
Stay at your ideal body weight, and you won’t look older than your age. You will actually look younger than your actual age.
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