Women and Weight Loss

This is the issue that everyone wants to know about and wants to solve. It’s a tough issue to tackle. Men can usually lose weight pretty easily, if they actually try. Women can try all they want, but sometimes fail miserably, while their husband starts losing weight.

Unfortunately, women have a much lower baseline metabolism when compared to men. They have to work harder to increase their metabolism and lose weight. Women usually don’t have as much muscle mass as men. Muscles burn energy and eat up more metabolism.
Having more muscle can protect you against obesity. Women who played high school sports and have more muscle, generally aren’t as overweight as women who never played sports later in life. Muscle can protect you from obesity even for quite some time. Twenty years later, you will find that women with more muscle mass aren’t as overweight. But this doesn’t always hold true. We all know someone who played high school sports that needs to lose weight.How do you add muscle mass?

You have to add resistance training to your work out regimen. If you are a slave to the treadmill… Stop. Treadmills are great for your heart, but you don’t burn very many calories.

Lift some weights and you will see results immediately. Resistance training, even with small amounts of weights, accelerates weight loss and metabolism. Don’t worry, you are not going to become a huge, muscle bound body builder. That’s not going to happen. Are you really gonna be able to do that? And if you tone up some of your muscles, is that really a bad thing? It certainly is better than having flabby, undefined arms and legs.

Weight lifting in the large muscle groups burns the most calories and builds the most muscle quickly. Chest, legs, and back are the largest muscle groups. Squats, chest press, and lat pull-downs (or rows) should be your main focus. A small set of dumbbells or soup cans is all the weight you need. Take a look at our fitness section for ideas and suggestions on weight training exercises.

You don’t need to go to the extreme and lift weights every day. Any amount of muscle you can add will help. Start once a week and see what happens. The more you do, the faster you lose weight now, and the more protection against obesity in the future.

Eating small frequent meals throughout the day will also increase your metabolism. So be sure to do that as well.

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