Stop Blaming Your Thyroid

Your thyroid is not the reason you are overweight. If you have a weight problem, you have a weight problem. You’ve had it for a long time. Don’t blame your thyroid!

We need to stop blaming our genetics, our spouses, our thyroids, our jobs and other factors for our weight problems. We are overweight, because we eat way more calories than we burn and we don’t understand what type of calories to eat.

A lot of people think that their thyroid is the reason that they are overweight. People who are hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) think that being underactive means that you will not be able to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that when you are hypothyroid, your body also decreases your appetite, so you don’t eat as much. So you will maintain your current weight.

People think that when they are hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid), they will lose weight. That’s not true either. Hyperactive thryroids also increase your appetite and you eat more. Hence, you stay at your normal weight. Remember our bodies are very smart! They try to maintain our current weight at all costs.

If inducing hyperthryoidism was a way to lose weight, we’d be putting everyone on thyroid medication. Unfortunately, they have tried that and it does not work. Further, there are a lot of problems with being hyperthyroid that are fatal. You heart can beat excessively fast, go into irregular rhythms, and ultimately go into heart failure. People have died from this.

There is no pill that will cause weight loss yet. Trust me, if we had it, we would be prescribing it to everyone. We don’t have that pill yet.

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