Men and Weight Loss

Men need to admit that their weight is not “all muscle”. At some point, we have to stop kidding ourselves. That huge gut or the extra weight around your butt and thighs…. that’s not “all muscle”.

Men who like to work out and exercise like to tell everyone that they weigh 220 pounds because they carry around so much muscle. That may be true up to a certain extent. And heck, if you have a 32 or 34 inch waistline, I’m inclined to believe you. Otherwise, we are just fooling ourselves.

So how can men lose weight?

It’s real simple. Follow the Alo Diet, stop eating so much, and watch the pounds melt off. Once the layers of fat are peeled off, you will see your muscles. They will be really nice and well defined. Until then, stop kidding yourself and avoiding dieting because you “have to eat so much to keep the muscles fed”. It simply isn’t true.

Will I lose muscle?

Yes, you will lose some muscle when you start a weight loss program. It’s impossible not to. But, you will gain years of life, health, and have a sexier looking body overall. There is no reason to worry about losing some muscle while losing tons of fat.

One pitfall that men fall into, is not cutting back on calories enough, while working out to lose weight. Men are afraid that they will lose muscle and that they need to need 5000 calories a day while working out in order to avoid muscle loss. That is not true. You will enhance weight loss by cutting back your calories, and exercising heavily at the same time. You will still lose muscle, regardless of how much you try not to. Sure, weight training slows down muscle loss, but it won’t stop it. Don’t be stubborn and eat 5000 calories a day and think you are going to lose weight.

You will lose weight and look just fine, even if you cut your caloric intake to the recommendations made in the first few chapters. Your muscles will begin to show under your fat and you will look really good. Don’t be afraid of this!

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