Things Humans Should Never Eat

There are certain foods that human beings should never eat. Here is a list of foods that humans should never eat.

Anything Fried – Although most foods may be fried in liquid oils, which are low in saturated fat (saturated fat is what makes your cholesterol go up), the act of infusing oil into foods adds a ton of calories into foods. Fat is very calorie dense, and there is no need to add more calories to food.

Deep Dish Pizza – One of the more calorie and salt dense foods in America. There is no need to eat regular pizza, let alone deep dish pizza. In addition to the fat from the cheese, pizza usually contains a ton of salt as well.

Cheese Fries – If fries are bad enough, cheese fries are even worse.

Potato Chips – fried carbohydrates. Infusing calorie dense oil into carbohydrates.

White Bread and Fried chicken – Chicken nuggets, Kentucky Fried Chicken or similar meals. Chicken is usually a healthy alternative to other sources of food. But we are adding bread, then frying the chicken. Two very bad ideas.

White Bread – Very high glycemic index.

White Sugar – Don’t sprinkle this on cereal or in coffee or tea. It’s a very easily accessible carbohydrate.

Ice Cream – High in white sugar and saturated fat.

Donuts – Fried carbohydrates. Quiet possibly the worst invention ever.

Alcohol – the most empty calories we have. The worst being beer. If you really must have alcohol, drink wine or something with less empty calories.

Pop, Soft Drinks, Juices – All of these drink contain empty calories. Diet drinks may not contain calories, but contain plenty of sodium. Sodium makes you retain water and is unhealthy for people with cardiovascular disease. Sodium and water retention is also a problem for young people without heart disease. A lot of young people will lose a lot of weight once they eliminate extra sources of sodium from their diet, especially if they are drinking 15-20 cans of pop per day. Diet drinks have now been shown to increase your insulin levels and cause you to store other calories as fat.

Of course, if you want to eat one of these once a month, that is fine, but it can not be a weekly or daily meal. If you avoid these foods you will live a longer and healthier life, while losing weight. I highly recommend eliminating these foods from your diet completely.

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