Soup and Salad

Soups and Salads on the C3 Diet are very simple.

1. You can have clear broth soups and salads with clear dressings.
2. No soups that are cheese based or salads that include a cheesy or creamy dressing.
3. Tomato based soups are allowed in phase II in small amounts. They are very high in glycemic index and calories.

Clear broth soups are cabbage soup, chicken noodle soup (no noodles allowed), french onion soup, egg drop soup, and bouillon.

Cheese based soup contain too much saturated fat and calories and should be avoided.

The best salads have clear sauces and dressings. Simple balsamic vinaigrette are great. Use any vinegar you want. You could also use lemon juice and crushed garlic. You can make amazing salads with very low calories that are very filling.

In Phase 1 don’t add fruits (whether dry or fresh) to your salads, but once you are in Phase 2, you can add apple slices and dried cranberries to nearly any salad.
Be careful about pre-made salads from fast food joints. Although they are salads, they still may be high in calories. Read the labels and watch the cC3rie counts. Especially, from carbohydrates, dressings, croutons, and cheeses on them. (Or just take them off)

What about chili and chicken tortilla soup?

These should be avoided in phase I, but can be eaten in moderation in phase II.

Tomato soups contain more carbohydrates than their clear broth counterparts. But you can make them so that they don’t raise your blood sugar level as much. Making chicken tortilla soup from scratch and avoiding canned tomato paste or canned tomato sauce will help. Just use fresh chopped tomatoes. And don’t add cheese or tortillas to the mixture.

The same goes for chili. Use fresh ingredients, cut down on the amount of tomato paste and sauce, use half as many kidney beans used and use more meat (beef, sausage, etc) and it will not raise your blood sugar as much. If the soup looks more clear than thick, it is better for you.

You should still only have tomato based soups in small amounts. Don’t have 4-5 bowls and think you are eating healthy. They are still forms of liquid sugar and it is easy for your stomach to access these sugars and raise your blood glucose level. You will find out how much you can tolerate when you are in phase II. For some people, a cup of chili per week is not going to matter, but for others that can make a huge difference. It all depends on how sensitive your body is to sugar and insulin.

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