Sodium and Weight Loss

Our bodies are very good at eliminating sodium. But consuming too much sodium can curtail weight loss. Sodium causes us to retain water and thereby makes it harder for us to lose weight. People who have congestive heart failure are at especially sensitive to sodium intake. They are usually sodium overloaded.

Try to keep sodium to within recommended amounts. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 1500mg of sodium per day. At some pizza joints, one slice of pizza contains that much sodium.

It’s not the sodium you sprinkle on food that is the problem. It’s usually the sodium cooked in the food. Preserved meats, soft drinks, and certain foods all have far more sodium in them than we should be eating.

Sodium also can worsen high blood pressure. Some people are very sensitive to sodium and their blood pressure can be excessively high when they take in a little more sodium.

Although, in most healthy individuals our bodies are very good at eliminating sodium, we should still find a way to cut back and use alternatives. Mrs. Dash is a spice concoction that tastes very good, and does not contain sodium.

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