This is your meat and bean category. Fish, beef, pork, chicken all are mostly protein. The C3 Diet allows unlimited consumption of proteins. The C3 Diet also prefers that you make healthier choices and choose leaner meats. Seafood and skinless chicken is preferred to beef, pork, and lamb. Pork is the worst offender when it comes to saturated fat, the fats that cause your cholesterol to go up.

Some proteins are better than others. You want to avoid protein with a lot of saturated fat (which is what makes your cholesterol go up). Meats that contain the most saturated fat are pork, lamb and beef (in that order). Fish, skinless chicken, and turkey are leaner and not as bad for your cholesterol. Fish, especially salmon, mackerel, and tuna, contain a lot of omega 3 oils which are great for your overall health and cholesterol profile. See the supplements chapter for an in-depth look at Omega 3 oils.

Beans, like kidney beans and chick peas, usually are about 10-18% protein, but are mostly carbohydrates. However, they usually carry a low glycemic index.

In Phase I of the C3 Diet, try to cut beans and legumes out of your diet completely. The protein in beans is usually processed as carbohydrates by our body (in terms of glycemic index response). So don’t go overboard on the beans.

In phase I, you can eat unlimited amounts of protein, but avoid beans and legumes. I’d prefer if you ate the leaner proteins. You can eat unlimited amounts of vegetables as well. Eat as much salad as you like, but avoid sweet dressings.

In phase II (the rest of your life), choose the healthier and leaner proteins. Avoid protein that contains a lot of saturated fat for better cardiovascular health.

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