Liquid Calories

Extra liquid calories are much worse than solid calories. Next time you order that Big Gulp or Caramel Macchiato, you need to think twice.

Fist of all, that’s a lot of calories! Secondly, they do not cause satiety. You will not feel full after drinking calories. If you consumed the same amount of calories in solid form, you would actually feel full, (and eat less) compared to feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Researchers tried overfeeding people with an extra 450 calories a day in either liquid form or solid form (jelly beans). The group that drank the extra calories ended up eating more calories per day and gaining weight. While the group that was fed the extra calories in solid form, adjusted their caloric intake and actually consumed less (or the same) daily caloric intake. Once again, demonstrating that unless the stomach is stretched or feels full, you will not stop eating.

In another study at Penn State University, volunteers were fed meals, but the drinks were varied. They were given diet pop, pop, and water in various sizes. The point of the study was to see if anyone ended up adjusting their solid food intake based on what they drank. The answer was no. Regardless of whether they drank water, pop, or diet pop (any varying sizes), none of the participants adjusted their solid food intake. They still ate the same amount. Again proving the point that liquid calories offer no benefit and are empty calories. You will still eat as much as you normally eat, or more.

The point of all of this is that liquid calories, not only cause weight gain, but do so in an accelerated pattern. By juicing, blending, making smoothies or shakes out of everything, you are making the sugars more available to your stomach and bloodstream, which will cause weight gain faster than any other form of food.

Instead of juicing apples, blueberries, and oranges, eat them whole. Instead of making shakes, blended drinks, try to eat the ingredients raw. This will prevent the rapid rise in blood sugar levels and fat storage.

Further, it has been found that the most common sweetener in sugary drinks, fructose, has a highly unfavorable metabolic profile. In laboratory and research studies, it has been found to be associated with or directly cause inflammation, fat deposition, weight gain, strokes, heart disease, increase in bad cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, and other metabolic derangements. Fructose has been found to be more likely to stimulate fat deposition especially in your abdomen (visceral fat), compared to glucose or other forms of sugar, which is the worse kind of fat to have.

Further, studies have shown that fructose is also less likely to cause satiety compared to glucose. It doesn’t release the same hormones and will give you hunger pangs. Fructose is found in everything! Pop, ketchup, bbq sauce, tomato sauce, fruit drinks, and almost all sweetened liquid and solid consumables. Fructose has also been shown to be highly inflammatory raising levels of inflammation¬†causes¬†everything from heart attacks and stroke to bowel disease and cancer.

If you are on the C3 Diet, the best drink is still water. Drink two tall glasses of water before each meal, to stretch your stomach out, and begin the satiety process so that you feel full faster.

All those sugary drinks are killing us. Think twice before you decide to make a smoothie or shake!

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