Big Breakfasts are Out!

Time and time again, research has shown that people who eat large breakfasts (over 300 calories), end up being extremely over weight and have a tough time with weight loss. As an example, a bagel with cream cheese is 320 calories. Despite everything we have been taught as children, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. You do not need a large meal to start your day. All your friends that have been skipping breakfast? They were right. You need a small meal to get you through a few hours. Two tablespoons of peanut butter is usually enough. Or a small serving of eggs and some turkey bacon.

Breakfast Cereals are bad for your health!

Breakfast cereals, whether they come in a box, or a bag, or as a bar, are among the worst when it comes to glycemic index. Breakfast cereals are processed foods and will raise your blood sugar levels quickly. Combine that with milk (any milk, even skim), and you get a massive surge in blood sugar. This causes your body to release insulin and store the extra sugars as fat.

Despite being touted as “healthy” breakfast cereals are not good for you. They are some of the most highly processed carbohydrate meals available to us. Some cereals are worst than others, but all of them are bad.

In phase I of the C3 Diet you should avoid cereals completely. As time goes on and you enter phase II, you may add in small amount of cereal and see what your body can tolerate. If you can eat them dry, without milk, that will be better for you. If you have a choice, choose cereals with lower glycemic indices. Corn flakes is one of the worst offenders, but even oatmeal and Cheerios, and others that are touted as “healthy” are high on the glycemic index list. Just look at where oatmeal ranks on the list.

Glycemic Index of Common Cereals

Rice Bran 27
Kelloggs’ All Bran Fruit ‘n Oats 55
Kelloggs’ Guardian 59
All-bran 60
Red River Cereal 70
Cheerios 74
Bran Buds 75
Special K 77
Oat Bran 78
Kelloggs’ Honey Smacks 78
Muesli 80
Kelloggs’ Mini-Wheats (whole wheat) 81
Bran Chex 83
Kelloggs’ Just Right 84
Porridge (oatmeal) 87
Life 94
Nutri-grain 94
Grapenuts 96
Sustain 97
Shredded Wheat 99
Kelloggs’ Mini-Wheats (blackcurrant) 99
Cream of Wheat 100
Wheat Biscuit 100
Golden Grahams 102
Pro Stars 102
Sultana Bran 102
Puffed Wheat 105
Cheerios 106
Corn Bran 107
Breakfast bar 109
Total 109
Cocopops 110
Post Flakes 114
Rice Krispies 117
Team 117
Corn Chex 118
Cornflakes 119
Crispix 124
Rice Chex 127
Rice Bubbles 128

With the exception of Rice Bran, the rest are medium to high to extremely high on the glycemic index scale. It will be very hard making a case for any cereal to be included on the C3 Diet.

People think that oatmeal is healthy and “good for you”. This is absolutely not true. Any of the packaged oatmeals that come in those pre-made packets are very bad for you. They cause a rather large surge in blood sugar and insulin levels. If you really like oatmeal, by a large bag of real muslin oatmeal. That will raise your sugar, but not that much. Anything pre-packaged is bad.

In phase I of the C3 Diet, you should avoid all of these. As you move into phase II, you can try to incorporate small amounts of cereal, but I would avoid it completely.

The problem is the initial surge in blood sugar will cause you to crash and burn later. This is a terrible cycle. Just avoid cereals and eat more healthy alternatives like eggs, omelettes, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, and vegetables. In phase II, and apple and banana will suffice as breakfast, may be even a small yogurt.

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