Do Other Diets Work?

Yes, and no. It really depends on which one. You just read an entire section on other diets an you’ll see that some of them will work if done correctly. While others fail miserably.

Some of the diets will work, you just have to actually do them.

So why do people lose weight on other diets?

There is a “newbie” effect or “rookie” effect that really helps. When you have someone that has never worked out and suddenly starts body building, there is a huge amount of muscle growth that takes place. Much more than someone who has been body building for a long time. The same happens in dieting. When you haven’t ever dieted, and now you are dieting, almost any diet will work initially because it’s new and your body hasn’t adjusted yet.

Another reason most diets work is because when people first start a diet, they reduce their caloric intake significantly, most of the calories they eliminate are the carbohydrates. They don’t generally cut out much fat or much protein, hence they get an initial boost of weight loss until their body figures it out, slows own metabolism, increases appetite and cause the weight to come back on.

That’s why most diets work initially, but then stop working and people gain their weight back. The C3 Diet aims to eliminate this effect.

Some don’t work at all!

Diets that have been shown not to work are paleo, high carbohydrate, low fat, and most other diets we talked about in the previous section. Go back an read up on them. They just don’t work for various reasons. American’s have been on a low fat diet since the 1940s, and we have only gotten fatter. Food manufacturers have taken out fat and replaced it with sugar (a lot of extra calories) in order to make it taste good. Then they label it “low fat”.

So yes, other diets may work initially and you are free to use them. But sometimes they charge you a lot of money for food, or you have to buy their books and or pay for their websites. The C3 Diet is completely free. You can download the book from the website, or read about the diet online for free. Just go out and lose weight!

Can I try another diet first?

If you like meat, protein, bacon, eggs, and cheese, you should try a high protein low carbohydrate diet like Keto, Atkins, or South Beach. But be careful which fats you decide to eat. Try to avoid saturated fats as much as possible due to the association with heart disease.
If you want someone to send you prepared meals and don’t want to cook or prepare food, try one of those diets, but it will cost you and you will not lose weight.
If you prefer to learn lifelong lessons and learn to control your own portions, try Weight Watchers or the Zone Diet. Just know that it will not work long term and you will probably have to switch to a Keto style diet later.
If you find another method or diet that seems to fit your lifestyle and your outlook on life, then follow that one. Do whatever works. The C3 Diet may be that diet for you.

Diets should not be temporary! It’s a lifelong commitment. You breathe every day. You eat every day. Just watch what you eat.

The C3 Diet aims to bring together the best of all diets and teach us a way to live life and enjoy what we do. If you’ve tried other diets and haven’t had much success, try the C3 Diet. The C3 Diet will always be up to date and will always be based on the most current research on nutrition, metabolism, digestion, and weight loss.
And it’s FREE!
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