Life doesn’t revolve around eating

“What are we going to have for lunch?”

“It’s not even breakfast yet.”

“I know, just planning ahead.”

How many of your co-workers or friends do you know are always planning the next meal? That’s not how life should be. Life is not about food. People are supposed to eat food just to sustain themselves enough to move on. We should eat to live, not live to eat.

Food should not be an event. Some people treat food and feeding like it’s some huge grand event. It isn’t. Food is just to replenish what you’ve used so that you may go on.

We need to stop treating food as if the world revloves around food. It doesn’t. It should be a ho-hum boring daily task. Not a grand event.

If you eat small, frequent meals throughout the day, you won’t view any one meal as some large production. Ho-hum. Boring. Just eat something small.

We need to take the focus off of food.

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