What Can I Drink

We prefer if you only drank water. That’s our recommendation.

But I know that people aren’t going to do that right away. You can wean yourself off all drinks and eventually make your way down to water only.

If you drink regular soft drinks (pop), switch to diet. If you drink diet, switch to diet drinks that have little to no sodium, like Diet Rite or Vernors. Sodium causes water retention and is the enemy of weight loss.

If you drink beer, stop! You aren’t allowed to drink beer, ever again. Beer has the highest glycemic index of any food. As soon as you drink it, your blood sugar skyrockets and you release loads of insulin to store that sugar as fat. That’s why people have “beer guts”. Any time you drink beer, it goes straight to the fat stores in your belly. No more beer.

Other forms of alcohol are better, but still contain loads of calories. Initially, when you start this diet, you have to be very, very strict. No alcohol at all. After you achieve the weight loss you want, you can drink one glass of wine every few days. But watch your weight. I prefer if you don’t ever drink alcohol. It’s empty calories, causes you to be a little crazy, and the health benefits are overstated. Drinking tea, eating peanut butter, or eating grapes provides the same health “benefits” of red wine. All of these foods contain resveratrol, the substance thought to provide the health benefits of red wine.

No sugar in your coffee or tea. Why ruin it? Coffee is great as it is. Why ruin it? No creamer either. If you must have coffee or tea, learn to drink it without sugar. Or get used to an artificial sweetener. Splenda and Truvia work well and don’t cause a rise in blood sugar.

No juices. Juices contain loads and loads of sugar and they are highly processed. Orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, all of them contain massive amounts of sugar. They have extremely high glycemic indices. If you really like orange juice or apple juice, eat the actual fruit. It’s harder for your stomach to get at the sugar if it has to go through layers of skin, fiber, and pulp. Your blood sugar won’t rise as much. If you drink the juice, your stomach can easily access the sugar and cause an insulin surge.

If you want to drink any of these drinks occasionally, that’s fine. Once a week or once a months is fine. But don’t make this a daily habit.

You can be creative in how you drink water. Get some carbonated water, squirt some lemon juice or apple juice into it (from real lemons and real apples) and you can make tons of fun drinks.

In Phase I of the C3 Diet, you will not have any of the above drinks with sugar or alcohol. Not a single drop!

Diet Soft Drinks, Diet Juices, and Diet Pop

Despite the “zero calories” labeling, diet pop contains a lot of other substances that make it harder for your body to burn fat. The artificial sweeteners, the chemicals, the sodium, and all of that “other stuff” makes it very hard on your liver to do it’s job. You want your liver freed up to burn fat, not spend all of it’s time tying to eliminate substances that you ingest. All the sodium in these drinks also makes you retain water and it will be harder to lose weight when you are constantly fighting water gain.

Eliminating regular soft drinks and fruit juices will have a huge impact on your ability to lose weight. You will lose a lot of weight just by eliminating sugar filled and alcoholic beverages. More than you know!

The next step is eliminating diet drinks. This will help you to continue to lose weight. If you are stuck at a certain weight or hit a plateau, it’t time to eliminate the diet drinks. You will notice a huge difference and the weight will start coming off again.

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