The C3 Diet

In a nutshell, the C3 Diet involves eating about one third the amount of food you used to eat, avoiding all processed carbohydrates and baked goods, and only consuming carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables, avoiding soft drinks, juices, alcohol, and other empty calories, drinking plenty of water, and substituting healthy alternatives for poor ones. All while avoiding counting calories and eating as much as you want. You will learn to break old habits and learn new habits. You will enjoy this diet and love losing weight!

That’s what it all boils down to! Easy enough? The C3 Diet is a comprehensive plan that includes all of the information we have learned from previous diets and brings us up to date. The C3 Diet is always up to date and always free!

The C3 Diet has only two simple phases.

Phase I

The first phase is very strict and can be difficult. Once you overcome this phase, you will be smooth sailing. In this phase you will avoid any and all carbohydrates, including fruits. This will quickly adjust and reset your metabolism to a more normal metabolism. You will lose a lot of weight, but about two thirds of the weight you lose in the first two weeks of this phase is water. You will regain that lost water quickly if you stop after this phase. Don’t stop.

If you aren’t sure what this entails, take a look at our Daily Action Plan section to see what an example of your day will be like.

Pick a day and decide to start!

After your overnight fast (not eating), you will wake up in the morning as a fresh new person. You will have essentially fasted all night and began the process of resetting your metabolism and resetting your body. Keep this going by being very strict. No carbohydrates at all!

Phase I should last at least 2 weeks in order to work correctly. You should stay at least two weeks in this phase. Anything less just isn’t enough. Phase I is rather hard, so the less time you spend here, the better.

A lot of people want to stay in phase I for longer periods of time, because they enjoy the fast weight loss and can tolerate it very well. If you are one of these people, feel free to do so, but you may lose motivation and get bored. Don’t fall off the wagon. If you stay in phase I for more than 2 weeks, don’t go for longer than 4-6 weeks. The whole point of phase I is to reset your metabolism. After two weeks, you are done. There is no need to stay in phase I longer, unless you want to lose more weight, faster. Once phase I is complete, you can begin loosening things up. Remember, you can always go back to phase I if things aren’t progressing well enough.

Normally, people lose about 10-15 pounds during the first 2 weeks. Remember, about two thirds of that initial weight loss is water loss. It’s exciting and great, but you will put most of that weight back on if you begin eating carbohydrates again.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Phase I, you can move on to Phase II. Some of my patients stay in Phase I for 3-4 months and end up losing more weight faster. This does work, and you can do it. But I caution that you may lose motivation and get bored. Yuor metabolism is already reset, so just move on.

Phase II

You will still be losing weight in this phase, but at a slower rate. Here is where you can begin to loosen things up. You can add fruits to your diet. Initially, you should avoid fruits with a high glycemic index. Eat more berries (strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapefruit) and avoid fruits with the highest glycemic index like mangoes and pineapples. Be very careful and slow about this process. If you start noticing that you are putting on weight, go a little stricter, or change to different fruits. Everyone is different and it’s hard to tell how each of us will react.

Eventually, you will be able to eat fruit at any time without fear. Just work to that level slowly. Weigh yourself every day at the same time of day and see if you are regaining weight. I recommend getting an accurate digital scale (no more than $40-50) and weighing yourself every morning after urinating out the overnight urine. That is usually your lowest weight of the day. If you don’t want to weigh yourself daily, it should be easy to tell from how loose or tight your clothes fit.

In this phase, you can start adding other carbohydrates that you enjoy. Bread? Pasta? Rice? Cookies? Start adding these back in small amounts. You are the judge! If you are still losing weight while eating a small piece of bread with dinner, then you can keep doing so. Once the weight loss stops, or turns into weight gain, you have to cut back on that piece of bread with dinner (or whatever carbohydrate you added). You are your best judge. You know your body better than anyone else, and you see the results.

You can stay in this phase for the rest of your life. Experiment with various foods and see what happens. You can always go back to being strict again if your weight loss slows down. The beauty of the C3 Diet is that it is customized to you and your body. Your metabolism is different than mine. You will figure it out. But these will be the tools you will use. Now that you understand how metabolism, nutrition, digestion, and blood sugar and insulin cause weight gain, you have the tools to fight back!

Go on and lose weight!

Once a Month

Once you are in phase II (the rest of your life), you can eat anything you want once a month. If you really like ice cream, pick one day a month and eat it. Don’t go overboard and eat an entire bucket! A few scoops with toppings and whip cream should suffice. If you notice that this doesn’t seem to affect your weight loss, you can change this to once every two weeks. I don’t recommend doing this while in Phase I of the C3 Diet, because it may slow you down, but if you can’t tolerate the diet, then go ahead and do it. You will find out how much ice cream it will take to throw your diet off track.

These are the only two phases of the C3 Diet. Very simple and very easy to do. You will learn how your body works and what you can and can not eat. Eventually you will fine tune this into your own diet. This will give you a head start and the proper tools to use to keep your weight off. Be sure to read the other chapters to find out which food products qualify and which do the most damage.

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