Surviving the First Week

Getting through the first week of any new diet or lifestyle change is very difficult. You have to do everything differently. You have to break old habits and start new ones. If you screw up, have no fear, just move on and get back on track.

What makes the first week of the C3 Diet more difficult is carbohydrate withdrawal. The first phase requires avoiding all carbohydrates as much as possible. That is not easy. Further, our bodies are used to carbohydrate overload and used to rely on sugar for energy and metabolism. It will take some time to adjust. Our bodies have to adjust and rely on fat for energy, that takes time.

Coping with Carbohydrate Withdarawal

You have to find acceptable snacks and snack often. Don’t let your blood sugar levels get too low. Otherwise the hunger, fatigue, and cravings will take over your life, emotionally and physically.

Salads with chicken, celery sticks, cheese sticks, low sugar beef jerky, as well as many other options are available to you. Foods that are high in fat and fiber will make you feel full faster. They affect the satiety center in your brain and tell you to stop eating. Celery, cucumbers, avocados, vegetables, nuts, seeds, hard boiled eggs, any type of protein, and cheese offer a great way to reduce cravings and stop the cycle.

Drink lots of water and clear broth soups. This will make you feel full and you will not feel like you are starving.

Days 3 through 5

Right around day 3 or so you will have run out of stored up sugars. This is the glycogen (sugar) that is stored in your liver, other organs, and muscles. When you run out of this, your body will finally have to change over to burning fat and using fat as energy. At this point in time is when most people feel the weakest, feel shaky or jittery, have headaches, or feel uncomfortable. It’s usually because your blood sugar level is lower than normal, but your body hasn’t started relying on fat for energy yet. Get through this day by eating an apple or some strawberries. Don’t overdo it, just eat enough to get past those few hours. If you have to take some tylenol for the headaches, go ahead. You can also sleep it off.

After this, you should be smooth sailing. Your body now solely relies on fat for energy and becomes a fat burning machine! Even while you sleep, you are burning fat!


The first week usually involves a lot of dehydration. Your body tries to eliminate substances by urinating. Most people lose a lot of weight in the first week due to dehydration. It’s not real weight loss. You body is just peeing out the protein and breakdown products. Don’t get excited!

This dehydration leads to headaches, sometimes constipation, or diarrhea. You can consume salty broth soups to try and help. This won’t last long, our bodies figure this out quickly and adjust quickly. The headaches and constipation will go away quickly.

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