Substitution Solution

This is a concept that we use all the time and many of our patients find extremely helpful. It’s a simple concept. If you can’t follow the C3 Diet entirely, you can start by substituting bad choices for healthy ones.

Use olive oil instead of butter. Just as flavorful and just as good. It’s also much better for your health.

Whole grain instead of white or whole wheat. Whole grain is a much better option than either white or whole wheat (which is just colored white). It digests slower and causes less of a rise of blood sugar.

Diet instead or regular soft drinks.

Water instead of diet drinks (even diet drink cause weight gain).

Small amounts of wine instead of beer. If you can’t eliminate alcohol completely, this is the best alternative.

Splenda (or any artificial sweetener) instead of sugar.

Maple syrup instead of commercial syrup.

Water instead of juice.

Liquid oil instead of butter, margarine, lard, or fat.

Turkey bacon instead of pork bacon. It’s usually 97% fat free. Avoid saturated fat at all cost. Bacon is always a form of saturated fat and will cause your cholesterol profile to sour quickly.

Ground turkey instead of beef. Or you can start with low fat beef. Or mix the two together.

Chicken and fish instead of beef or pork.

Whole grain pasta instead of regular pasta. Or better yet…

Low carb pasta instead of pasta.

Fruit instead of cake and dessert.

Lettuce wrap instead of sandwich.

Oil spread instead of cheese.

These are all basic ways of eliminating foods that cause fast, large insulin surges. If you want to eliminate the fat, start by substitution, you will be surprised at how little difference you notice between the originals and the new substitutions.

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