Daily Action Plan

Ok, you decided to start the C3 Diet. Now what? Give me an example of how my day will go.

Eat some protein in the morning before work, if you have time. If you don’t have time, drink coffee (without sugar or cream) and a low carb protein bar or a cheese stick. Eggs and turkey bacon (or Canadian bacon) is a great breakfast. Or Two eggs and turkey sausage. No orange juice, no hash browns, no bread, no carbohydrates at all!

Have a handful of almonds or cheese stick at around 10AM. You need a low glycemic index snack here to bring your blood sugar back up a bit so that you don’t trigger the hunger pangs or cravings that will make you pig out later. Even some beef jerky will work.
Eat a salad with some eggs or chicken for lunch. But, try to avoid high calorie dressings. Use just balsamic vinegar, if you can. A great salad can have baby greens, spring greens, applice slices (in phase II), dried cranberries (in phase II), walnuts, some blue cheese and balsamic vinegar.
At around 3PM have another small reasonable snack, a cheese stick or handful of almonds. Pistacchios also work. Having to crack them slows you down even more. If you are in phase II an apple or banana will suffice. Once again, you have to block the drop in blood sugar levels so you don’t feel like you are starving later on.
Have a reasonable dinner when you get home. A clear broth soup or salad or a grilled chicken breast. If you are hungry, eat another chicken breast. Grilled salmon or tuna is also great here. Be creative! If you are in phase II, you can also eat lots of strawberries, cherries, apples or any other low glycemic index fruits. In the first few weeks you have to be very strict about fruits, but once you are out of that stage, you can eat them to your heart’s delight. Make sure to remember to drink a tall glass of water before dinner to help stretch your stomach and start the digestion process off right. You can always add psyllium fiber (Metamucil) to your water to slow digestion even further.
If you must have dessert. Wait an hour or so and have something small from our low glycemic index options.
No more food after 7PM. That’s it you are done.
If you feel hungry again at 8PM? Have a small healthy snack. A cheese stick or handful of nuts. If you are going to go crazy eat a lettuce filled salad or have 2 chicken breasts. Phase I is hard, and you may have to resort to this to stave off hunger. You are not supposed to feel hungry or starved.

This is what your daily plan should look like. You won’t feel hungry if you do this. And you won’t turn off your metabolism. You should still be eating about one third of what you normally eat. But use this as your general guideline for your daily routine.
As time goes on and you reach your target weight, you can eat more fruits and indulge. But for the first few weeks, you can’t have any fruit.
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