But I love Carbs

If you love carbohydrates, you can have them! The C3 Diet is not against carbohydrates, but you are going to have to follow some rules and it is going to be a slower, longer process. But it will still work very well.

The first strategy is to see if you can at least avoid carbohydrates for the first two weeks. If you can be very strict for at least two weeks, you can reset your metabolism and digestion. That is the main goal. All it takes is being strict for two weeks to reset everything. If you can tolerate this, please follow this strategy.

The second strategy is not as effective as the above, but will still work. Try to avoid carbohydrates for just three days. Then you can begin reintroducing them slowly. You will slowly learn how much carbohydrates your body can tolerate. For some it’s once slice of bread per day, for some it may be two slices per day. Find out your limit and don’t exceed it. If you stop losing weight, then you need to cut back on the carbohydrates.

The third component is to eat small, frequent meals. You have to avoid the sugar highs and lows. Eat small meals throughout the day. Every two hours you should have a small meal or snack. Don’t have a large meal! You have to maintain normal blood sugar levels without going too high or too low. It is doable, but it may be hard. But you can do it.

Further, you are going to have to make it extremely difficult for your stomach to get at the sugars in the carbohydrates you eat. Eating a lot of fiber, using multi grain and whole grains any time you can, using acidic breads (sourdough), adding acid (vinegar) and fat (olive oil) to the carbohydrates you eat. This will work, and is already part of the C3 Diet, but you will have to emphasize this aspect. Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates that are surrounded by fiber and are harder to digest.

Some people just love their sandwiches. You can eat them, just make the carbohydrates harder to access. So that your blood sugar doesn’t rise. We need to establish a constant blood sugar level. Make sure to eat a small snack every 2-3 hours. Never wait till you feel hungry.

This will work, you will have slower weight loss, but stick with it. When you hit a plateau, you will have to be patient and plow through it. Or you can cut back on total intake and calories until you break through.

Hang in there, you will still lose weight!

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