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Yes, there are plenty of diets. And... they usually work! That's right! They usually work. You just have to do them. The C3 Diet tries to correct many of the mistakes that other diets have come up with and provide a simpler, easier diet for you to follow that is always up to date and current.

I have spent many years researching nearly every diet plan that's ever been tried. Low fat, high protein, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Seattle Sutton, Hallelujah diet, liquid diets, starvation diets, fruit only diets, Zone Diet, and nearly all the rest. They can all work in the right person. Nearly all diet plans break down into one of the below types.

Low Fat Diets

This is the reason why we are obese. The American Heart Association has being touting this type of diet since the 1950s. This is the cause of all of our current problems. Americans thought that if they switched to "low fat" that they wouldn't get fat. Wrong! It wasn't until Dr. Atkins came along in the late 80s and early 90s that we finally understood why this diet does not work and why it has made us all fatter.

Low fat diets were the craze in the early 60s through the 80s and 90s. Manufacturers could slap the words "low fat" on nearly anything and sell it quickly. Unfortunately, "low fat" often times meant "high sugar". They added tons of sugar to make things taste better. Although low fat diets theoretically work, you can't increase your overall cC3ric intake and expect to lose weight. You have to decrease your overall cC3ric intake in order for it to work. Yes, Americans got fatter and fatter on these low fat diets. Total calories consumed increased. These type of diets would work, but you would have to watch overall intake and eat significantly less. No one did. It was too hard.

Low Carb and High Protein Diets

The Atkins and South Beach diets are types of low carbohydrate and high protein diets. These work. And work very well. These caught on in the 1990s with Atkins and then in the early 2000s, South Beach came along and took over the reigns. Atkins was first to market in his research and publications in the late 1970s and through the 1980s. Atkins discovered that eating only fat and protein, while avoiding carbohydrates caused a significant amount of weight loss, very quickly. You could eat all the fat and protein you want, and lose tons of weight. Then the South Beach Diet came along in 2003, aiming to differentiate between bad fat and good fat and bad carbs and good carbs. Both diets have tons of followers and work very well.

These two diets are easy to follow and are the closest to the C3 Diet. Atkins is a 4 stage diet, while South Beach is a 3 stage diet. The C3 Diet is a 2 stage diet. If you have one of these books and want to follow Atkins or South Beach, I can't fault you for that and would encourage you to do so. However, the C3 Diet offers more long term stability and brings our knowledge level up to date and ties in the latest research on nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss, as well as incorporating a lot of theories and concepts from other diets. It's a more comprehensive approach and won't pin you into a corner of just eating meat.

Provided Food Diets

Seattle Sutton, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem all have you pay a monthly fee, and they provide you all your meals. It works. You get far less calories than usual and you lose weight. These diets can get expensive, but they do teach you portion control. The only issue is that you will be eating frozen meals every day and can't use foods you like. Can you do these forever? Probably not. But it's a good way to learn about portion control and self-awareness of metabolic requirements. If you can afford these types of diets, feel free to use them, they do work.

Portion Control Diets

Weight Watchers and the Zone Diet as well as a few others, all aim to teach you portion control. You can make your own food and you can eat any food you want, but you must count calories or assign points to each meal. Ultimately you will learn portion control and learn to eat correctly. The Zone Diet aims at teaching portion control by having you divide up your plate into thirds. One third is lean meat, two thirds is fruits and vegetables. The Zone Diet aims to keep you in the "zone" by not having a huge insulin surge after a meal. These diets work well, and you can stay on them for the rest of your life. You do have to count calories and measure everything out, so it can be tedious. The C3 Diet does incorporate many of the useful concepts from both of these diets, but you don't have to count calories or use a calculator.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet usually focuses on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, legumes, beans, fish, cheese, small amounts of whole grains, and nuts. It takes focus off "red" meats. If meat was incorporated into this diet, it'd be fish, lamb, and chicken. But the diet is not meat-centric. Protein is attained from other sources. A lot of research has been put into Mediterranean style diets and they have proven results. A lot of the benefits and advantages of the Mediterranean diet are incorporated into the C3 Diet but in a more current and usable format.

Hallelujah, Paleo, Caveman, or God Diet

These diets are easy. If God didn't make it, don't eat it. Avoid all processed foods and baked goods. Eat fruits, vegetables, and other Godly creations. It's a raw food diet that only cavemen had access to and ate. This diet works well, but isn't all encompassing.The C3 Diet combines a lot of the advantages of this type of diet and provides more useful information that you can apply to all foods.

White Diet

Avoid white bread, white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white potatoes, and other white substances. Easy enough. But unfortunately, there is more to dieting than avoiding certain colors.

Oxygen Diets

These diets have been around for a while and are based on the concept of eating a lot of natural antioxidants; fruits and nuts. The C3 Diet incorporates a lot of current research and information on antioxidants and weight loss and is more comprehensive.


Avoid white sugar filled products (see above), soft drinks, high fructose corn syrup, sugar in coffee, avoid bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Essentially, ends up being a low carbohydrate diet.

The C3 Diet

The C3 Diet combines the best elements of all of the above diets and puts them into a short concise, easy to follow, diet plan that is always current. It doesn't even feel like you are dieting. I've seen a lot of people use various diets and have various amounts of success with certain aspects of each of the above diets. The C3 Diet tries to combine all the advantages of the above plans and make it easy to follow, fun, and simple.

Keep reading to find out what the C3 Diet is all about. Feel free to join our discussion forums to discuss dieting with others in our knowledgeable community. The C3 Diet is based on the most up to date research and is based on what we know today about metabolism, weight loss, digestion, and nutrition. The C3 Diet is very current, and will always be current. The C3 Diet is always being updated with the latest research. And it's...

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