About Us

We are a group of approximately 300 cardiologist based in the United States. Most of us call California our home. We are dedicated to our patients and have always wanted a way to quickly help them lose weight. Our time in our offices is so limited. We don’t usually have time to explain the cardiology diet to all of our patients, so we created this website to be able to go over a few major points with our patients in the office, then point them to this website for more information.

The website is written in layman’s terms and should be easy to figure out. We want it to be very simple to follow.

Every five years we meet in southern California and review all of the latest data on weight loss and update the website based on those reviews.

We do all the work so you don’t have to. We spend countless hours reviewing peer-reviewed prospective studies as well as thousands of meta-analysis to see if we can add more information to our website for your benefit.

We update the website quite frequently and hope that you will share it with all your friends!

This project began in 2004 by an ambitious young physicians, who later became a cardiologist in Chicago. His ream was to create a free resource for patients and their families to learn how to lose weight correctly. When he went into full practice in 2008, he could no longer keep up with the website, and we had ultimately acquired it from him.

We quickly re-branded the website and diet and redirected funding and resources to make the C3 Diet what it is today! And the rest is history!

The C3 Diet is the most popular online diet and is read by millions annually!

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